Quality Car Hire Can Be Affordable

Quality Car Hire Can Be Affordable

Many people would not equate cheap car hire with quality vehicles, as it could be viewed as a contradiction, yet there are hire companies who have quality vehicles on lease, and this allows them to offer lower rental rates than the companies that purchase the cars directly. There are other factors that might determine the rates a car hire company would advertise, such as the efficiency of the organisation, as higher running costs mean higher rental rates, so a well-managed business has a slight advantage, in as much as they can afford to shave their prices a little.

All Inclusive Price

This is what every consumer really wants, and because a lower price is always more attractive, things like goods and service tax (GST) are sometimes conveniently overlooked, and when the customer receives the final bill, the added tax is not a pleasant surprise! If a car hire company advertises all-inclusive prices, you can be sure of no hidden extras, and with an online provider, there would be more than enough information on their website to explain clearly, their terms and conditions. There is, for example, reliable and cheap Perth hire cars, and a simple Google search would put you in touch with the right hire company, and you can make an advanced booking and your transport worries are sorted.

Online Car Hire

One of the biggest advantages of using an online car rental company is they do not have retail premises, only depots where the cars are serviced, and with all their marketing efforts focused on the Internet, their outgoings are much lower than those who still advertise in the traditional way and have many offices.


An ethical business will be very outgoing in its attempt to give the consumer added confidence, and with an extensive FAQ section on the website, any potential customer can quickly find the information they require, and with tax inclusive prices, you know exactly where you stand.

Hidden Charges

The way this is achieved is to not point out certain restrictions, which might come in the form of a mileage count. In the event the customer does not ask about mileage options, the company representative might not inform them of this, and even though the information would be in the small print somewhere, you would still get a nasty shock when the final bill arrived. The terms and conditions should be clearly stated, and if there are restrictions on the distance you can travel from the company depot location, you should be aware of this. Insurance excesses should be explained, with a number of options open to the client, and all the conditions within the contract should be written in such a way that the average person has a clear understanding.

If you are prepared to spend a while browsing online, there are affordable car hire companies who have quality vehicles and excellent all round service, and by booking early, you can rest assured that your transportation is covered.